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And while getting ready to the stakes of tomorrow.

The society is also characterized by its engagement in the respect of the environment.

Already in ahead in the treatment of the tartars of vinification, the earths of filtration, the control of its worn-out waters and the valorization of the sorting of its garbage, the enterprise is involved in a gait of mastery of its energy and enters into the choice of the renewable energies with in 2009 the acquirement of a


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With the acquirement in 2003 of this site specialized in production of wine,   we want to place at disposal to a varied clientele our great experience of the wine middle, of its transformation and propose a complement for the whole  or a  part of the process.

This small team of passionate specialists endowed itself very quickly with a complementary equipment of bottling, what permitted to accede to the position of a recognized actor of the sector. 

The long experience of its founder on the whole chain of transformation of the wine positions this entity on expert's role in the place.


While leaning on a historic reassuring,